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Photo Jewelry Making

Makes 10 Photo Jewelry Beaded Edge Pendant 1 1/4 Inch 30mm Kit

Makes 10 Photo Jewelry Beaded Edge Pendant 1 1/4 Inch 30mm Kit

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This fun and easy photo jewelry kit includes everything you need to make 10 of your own photo necklaces.


  • 10 pieces 30mm (approximately 1 1/4")  circle tray photo pendants
  • 10 pieces clear glass protective photo cover.
  • 10 24" long link necklaces
  • Online access to photo resizing program. This application allows you to easily print your photo to the exact size and shape for the frame.  Compatible with all computers, tablets, mobile devices and cell phones. Use with photo paper or regular printer paper.

Photo clear cover types

Glass: These are a solid glass clear cover. They are not self-adhesive but include full size adhesive Seal-itz sheets which you will cut to fit your glass when creating your piece. Seal-itz are a double sided adhesive that go in between the glass and your photo to adhere them together. They can also be used for sealing the covered photo into the frame. These covers are approximately 5mm thick and give a raised/domed effect to your finished piece. 


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