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What is photo jewelry?

Photo jewelry is a fun and easy craft that anyone can do! We have made it very simple for anyone to make beautiful and professional looking photo jewelry in minutes. Our instant methods make it fun and mess free! We sell supplies to make photo pendants, photo rings, photo bracelets, photo charms, photo cufflinks, floating locket charms, European photo beads, and many more cool and unique photo products. All of the items have a blank area for a photo. We sell do it yourself kits with everything included that you need to make a complete photo item. We also sell the items individually if you are looking to purchase them without a kit.

How do I resize the picture to fit the jewelry?

Our EZ Photo Resizer Software makes it so easy to resize your photos! Just select your size, crop your image, then add to the page for printing. The photo size you will need will be listed on your invoice next to the item number, as well as next to the item number on the product listing page. The program generates a file that is exactly the correct size. Just print and you’re ready to make photo jewelry!

How do I put the photo into the jewelry?

There are several easy methods for completing your photo jewelry. Different items use different methods and every item may not be available with every type of cover.

Krystal Clear-Itz ™: Krystal Clear-Itz ™ are instant self-adhesive high quality crystal clear acrylic photo covers. 

Glass photo covers with Seal-Itz strips

Items with glass covers are sealed to the photo with Seal-Itz strips. Seal-itz strips are super strong double sided clear adhesive strips that securely hold the photo to the glass. You will use a second Seal-Itz strip for sealing the glass covered photo into the frame.

I saw an item that I love, but it don’t see it listed as a complete kit. How can I buy just a few individual pendants or charms and still get everything I need to make them?

Consider adding our Instant Glass Photo Jewelry Making Supplies Starter Kit to your order! It comes with everything you need to complete items with glass, or for sealing Krystal Clear-Itz into the frame with any other non glass item in a set or supply pack.

What if I only see the item in a kit, and want to purchase it without a kit?

Most of our items are listed separately (check out our supply pack category, or searching for the same item as a set). If you are unable to locate a specific item or want to purchase in larger supply pack sized quantities, please contact us and we are happy to work with you to set up a perfect item for your needs.

I'm looking for some ideas on how to start my own photo jewelry making business.. Do you have any advice for me?

Many of our customers start out small making photo jewelry for themselves, but quickly find out that everyone they know wants some too! Wearing your photo jewelry around is hands down the most effective (not to mention cost-effective!) way of advertising. No one will have seen anything like it before, and they will ask you to make some for them, too!. This is your opportunity to make a sale. Give some business cards to your photo-jewelry-wearing friends and family, because word will get out quickly once all of their friends see them wearing it.. Before you know it, you will have a huge base of clients willing to pay you to make them photo jewelry. Many artists and photographers also love photo jewelry because it is a unique and fun way to expand their businesses. Everyone has children, grandchildren and pets and love to show off their photos! You can make money making custom photo jewelry for these people!

What if I want to put something else into the photo frame besides a picture? Can I do that?

Absolutely! We have many customers that use our blank photo pieces for other craft projects such as inserting pieces of fabric, lace, buttons, beads, cameos, and more.

Is there an update available for the software?

If your copy of the EZ Photo Resizer software is older than version 6.0, you are eligible for a free upgrade download! To receive your update, e-mail us at photojewelry@gmail.com and put "Software Update" in the headline. Please include your previous order number if you have it available, or the name that the order was placed under will work as well if you have lost your order number. When we verify your purchase we will send you a link to download the newest version!

If I purchase a download version of the software and my computer crashes, can I get a new download from you?

Yes! We are always happy to send you a new download link, so there is no need to worry about losing your software.

Do you offer discount coupons?

Yes we do! Discount codes cannot be combined with any other coupon codes. Only one coupon code can be used per order.

What kind of photos can I use for photo jewelry making?

Any digital image will work. Just insert any JPEG image (this is the standard format for most of your digital images) into our EZ Resizer with EZ Crop™ program. You can also use any logo or picture in JPEG format from your website, just right click the web image and choose "save picture as" and save on your desktop, and then insert into our program. If you want to use a photograph that is not digital, we recommend getting it scanned and digitized at your local photo center.

What kind of computer or operating system do I need to run the craft softwares that you carry? Are they Mac compatible?

Our EZ Resizer with EZ Crop™ software is compatible with all current versions of Windows as well as all current versions of Mac operating systems.

Can you tell me about your shipping options? Do you ship internationally?

Orders in the USA:

First class mail: 7-10 business days after order processing

$6.99 flat rate no matter how large your order

Priority mail: 3-4 business days after order processing

$8.99 flat rate no matter how large your order

Express mail: 1-3 business days after order processing - $21.99 for a flat rate padded envelope. USPS no longer offers express flat rate boxes so you will be contacted with an exact price for express if your order exceeds the size listed before your order is shipped. After your express mail order is placed, we ship it as soon as possible (on the same day if feasible). We are not responsible for any delays or errors with USPS or your local post office and cannot issue a shipping refund if this occurs. Express orders typically arrive in 1-3 days.

International orders:

USPS International mail: 3-4 business weeks as estimated by USPS. Your actual shipping charge will be calculated based on your country at checkout. We use USPS international priority mail. These are the actual shipping rates charged by the United States Postal Service for international shipping. International express 3-5 day is available in some circumstances upon request and is calculated by weight. Please email us for rates. Due to high volumes of undelivered packages, we reserve the right to not ship to certain countries.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from Michigan in the United States.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major forms of credit cards, Paypal and Amazon Payments and on our mobile site we also accept Apple Pay.

Are your products intended for children?

Our products are not intended for children. For adults over 18 years of age only. 

My question was not answered by this FAQ. Can you help me?

For questions not covered by our FAQ page, please contact us via our live chat during normal business hours, or via e-mail photojewelry@gmail.com

Please note: Our website is maintained by humans and we occasionally make errors. If an error is made in price or description or anything else we reserve the right to correct those errors and cancel any orders placed for the items that had errors in the listings or prices or descriptions.

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