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Self Adhesive Krystal Clear-Itz Tutorial

Use EZ-Resizer software to re-size and print your photos on Photo Paper.

Remove a Krystal Clear-Itz cover from its protective backing.

Place the Krystal Clear-Itz™ cover over the photo on the printed sheet.

Press down on the Krystal Clear-Itz to make sure it is sealed properly.

Carefully cut around your photo that has the Krystal Clear-Itz on top of it.

Place some glue into pendant frame or use a Seal-itz instant sealing strip.

Place your photo inside the pendant and press firmly to adhere.

Attach chain and your Instant Photo Pendant is ready to wear!
Seal-Itz With Glass Tutorial
1. Print your photos according to the EZ Resizer instructions. View EZ Resizer Tutorial

2. Remove the white backing from the Seal-Itz strip, exposing the adhesive.

3. Carefully place the Seal-Itz adhesive side down onto the photo, making sure to smooth it out to avoid air pockets. Press firmly, and make sure to press out any air pockets that may remain.

4. Remove the orange backing from the Seal-Itz strip. Place the glass piece firmly onto the exposed adhesive.

5. Carefully cut out around the glass piece on the photo paper.

6. Repeat the process on the back using a second Seal-Itz strip to adhere your completed glass/photo piece into the photo pendant frame.
European Photo Bead Making Tutorial
Photo Bead Tutorial

Make your own photo beads instantly with our exclusive photo bead making supplies!
Our photo beads are compatible with all major brands of European beads!
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Resize and print your photos with the EZ Photo Resizer Software according to the software instructions.
Carefully cut out the desired photo.

Adhere your photo to the blank space on the photo bead with super glue or a Seal-Itz strip.
Remove one of the Krystal Clear-Itz covers from the sheet.

Place Krystal Clear-Itz cover over the photo and press firmly.

Your photo bead is complete!