Wooden Game Piece Photo Pendant Tutorial

1. Resize your photos with the included EZ Resizer software. For the wood pendant, your photo should be approximately 25mm. Print out the photo.

2. Cut out your photo. Apply a thin layer of super glue to the wooden tile. Do not use too much glue, but make sure it goes all the way to the edge so that it will not peel later. Set your photo on top of the glue. Make sure it is securely adhered to the wood. Work quickly at this step to make sure the glue does not dry before the photo is adhered.

3. Wait a few minutes for the super glue to dry. After the glue has dried, mix your photo jewelry clear coating. Make sure to read all clear coating instructions thoroughly for best results.

4. After your coating is ready, apply a drop or two to the center of the photo. Do not add too much at once or it will spread quickly and overflow. Spread the coating out evenly over the wood piece until the entire photo is covered. Make sure to cover the edges as well.

5. Set the pendant aside in a cool, dry place free from dust. It is a good idea to cover the pendant with something such as an upside down tupperware container or bowl to keep dust out. Wait 24-48 hours for the piece to dry. Do not touch the surface during this time or your fingerprint will ruin the finish.

6. After the coating is dry, turn the pendant over and super glue the included bail to the back of the pendant. Make sure the scored edge is facing the back of the pendant so that it will lay correctly.

7. Allow super glue to dry. String onto necklace. Your pendant is complete!

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