Types of Photo Jewelry

What kinds of photo jewelry can you make?

There are a lot of different styles and types of photo jewelry.

Some of the most popular types are photo pendants, photo bracelets and photo rings.

There are also photo brooches, photo keychains, photo dog tags, photo bookmarks, photo wedding bouquet charms, mini photo charms, jumbo photo charms, photo earrings, photo pens, photo clips, photo lanyards, photo hair pins, and more.

Making all of these photo jewelry items can be fun and easy by using the supplies sold by http://www.photojewelrymaking.com.

If you want very simple and easy to make photo jewelry try the EZ-Changeitz products. They have a clear insert that covers and protects your photo and require no clear covering liquid. The photo can be changed whenever you like and they can use plain printer paper to print your photos on. If you want something more permanent then try the regular standard type of photo jewelry.

These items have the photos permanently sealed inside and cannot be changed once you make the items.

These items use the 2 part clear coating mixture to create the glass like seal over the photos.

There is also the option when using the clear coating to use the Clearitz photo jewelry covers.

These make the product very easy to make while providing a permanent cover.