Photo Jewelry Transfer Paper Tutorial

1. Use the special included software, resize and reverse your image (if you are using any kind of text, lettering, etc) by selecting the "mirror" button on the crop screen. Using a standard inkjet printer, print your desired photo(s) onto the Instant Transfer Photo Paper. You will want to set your printer settings to "high quality" printing, and the paper type to "glossy photo paper"

2. Cut your image from the photo paper (leave a white square around it - DO NOT cut out intricately around the edges of the photo yet. This is just to make the image easier to work with).

3. Use the gluestick to apply a thorough layer of glue over the surface you are working with. If clumps appear, smooth them out or remove them. Wait three minutes for the glue to set up and become somewhat tacky.

4. Place the photo you wish to use image side down onto the surface of the item you are transferring to. Press firmly and go back over several times applying pressure with your fingers or another hard object. Very important: Make sure the edges of the photo have adhered properly. Wait another three minutes for the glue to dry completely. This creates a better seal on the image.

5. Cut out cleanly and completely around the image.

6. Thoroughly dampen the back side of the paper with your fingers or a wet sponge.
7. Gently try to slide the paper away from the transfer, but do not force it. If it does not easily slide away, keep applying water until it is wet enough to effortlessly slide away and reveal the image.

8. Wait a few minutes for your piece to dry, and then apply a few drops of the Instant Photo Transfer Sealant to the photo.

9. Using the included brush, thinly and evenly spread the sealant over the photo. Allow the sealant to dry. Should be dry enough to be handled in approximately fifteen minutes.

10. If desired, put your completed piece into a frame or attach a bail.