Photo Jewelry Circle Kit Instructions

Photo Circle Kit

Congratulations on your purchase of a photo circle kit! These instructions are for the typewriter circle bracelet kit, photo cuff link circle kit, photo tie tack circle kit, initial necklace, and bubble dot ring with photo circle.

1. Insert the included EZ-Resizer CD. Wait for it to load. After you select the size, select your desired photos with the "add image" button. Click "create PDF." Save the file. It will ask you if you would like to view the PDF now. View the PDF. Print your photos. If you are using 4x6 photo paper, you will need to load it into the 8x11 tray. Do not change your actual printer settings to 4x6 or your photos will resize too small. You are printing into the "corner" so that your photos are full size.

2. After you have successfully printed your photos, cut them out and insert them into the included circle frames. You may need to tuck them under the edge a little bit so that they fit snug. Clean the mounting area and backs of circles with rubbing alcohol to ensure the removal of any manufacturing grease that may prevent your circles from adhering correctly. Take something sharp like a needle or scissors, and score the back of the circles. You will also need to score the mounting area. This is so after you coat the circles, they will adhere to the mounting area more securely. It is wise to do this before you coat them so that you don't ruin the finish of the hardened coating.

3. Follow the included instructions for mixing your clear coating. Be sure to read the entire page and follow all instructions for best results. Apply clear coating to your circles.

3b. If you are using the photo bubble ring, follow the bubble jewelry instructions at this point.

4. Wait 24-48 hours for your coating to dry. It is best to wait the full 48 unless you are in a hurry. After your coating has dried, apply a small dab of super glue to the form that you are using. If you are using the bracelet, we recommend laying the circles out onto the bracelet first to plan how they will go. If you don't do this and they are not evenly spaced, you may experience "crowding" of the circles. Set the circles onto the glue and press gently. Hold for a minute to ensure that the glue has dried. You're done!