Italian Photo Charm Sizes: What's The Difference?

There are a several different kinds of Italian photo charms but the basic size is the 9mm size. The 9mm charms connect to other 9mm charms. 18-20 9mm charms are needed for the average adult sized bracelet. They also connect to mega uno charms, mega charms superlinks, midlinks and 13 to 9mm charms. We will discuss these charms here in this article.

Mega Photo Charms. These are 18mm sized and will connect 2 of the 9mm bracelets together with the mega charm being the centerpiece of the bracelet.They have two hooks on the side, one for each 9mm bracelet to connect to. Mega charms are much larger and are used in the scrapbook bracelets as well as some of the mega keychains and mega necklaces. 9-10 of these mega charms are required to make an average sized bracelet. These mega charms do not connect to mega uno charms.

Mega uno charms are 18mm and are just like plain mega charms except they have one hook and can connect only one 9mm italian charm bracelet. They also can be used as a centerpiece for a single bracelet and are used for the mega italian charm key chain. They will connect to all of the same charms as the 9mm charms as well as to each other. They do not connect to standard mega charms.

Now we have the 13mm Italian Photo charms. These charms do not link to the standard 9mm charms. They only link to other 13mm charms. They are slightly larger than the 9mm photo charm so have a larger surface to add your photo. We also have a 13mm locket photo charm that will connect to these 13mm italian charms and a 13mm charm necklace. Since they are a larger photo charm they are better suited for men or the woman who likes a larger photo on her charms. They do not connect to the 9mm to 13mm charms. 16-20 are needed for a bracelet.

13mm to 9mm charms come next. They are sometimes called tall 9mm charms. They are identical to regular 13mm charms except they do not connect to regular style 13mm charms.They connect to the standard 9mm charms instead and also can connect to the mega uno charm and the midlink and superlink charms. They also connect to each other. These require the same amount, around 16 to 20 for a full bracelet.

Superlinks come next. They are like a 9mm charm only long. They attach to 9mm italian photo charms, mega italian charms and mega uno italian charms. They can also link to midlinks and the 9mm to 13mm charms. They also link to each other. Since they are so long they are used to make some very unusual charms. 10-12 are used for a bracelet.

Midlinks are a newer type of Italian Charms. They connect to 9mm charms or super links or just to each other to form a bracelet. They are a bigger 15mm size which makes them nice to use as a center piece for an italian bracelet. It requires 10 midlinks for the average bracelet.

There are some other types of italian charms around. There are heart shaped and circle 9mm italian photo charms. An oval center piece charm is sold on our site too. It makes a beautiful center for a 9mm bracelet.