How To Start Your Own Home Business Selling Photo Jewelry

Looking for some ideas on how to start your own photo jewelry making business?
Many of our customers start out small making photo jewelry for themselves, but quickly find out that everyone they know wants some too!. Wearing your photo jewelry around is hands down the most effective (not to mention cost-effective!) way of advertising. No one will have seen anything like it before, and they will ask you to make some for them, too!. This is your opportunity to make a sale. Give some business cards to your photo-jewelry-wearing friends and family, because word will get out quickly once all of their friends see them wearing it.. Before you know it, you will have a huge base of clients willing to pay you to make them photo jewelry. Many artists and photographers also love photo jewelry because it is a unique and fun way to expand their businesses. Everyone has children, grandchildren and pets and love to show of their photos! You can make money making custom photo jewelry for these people! Here are some kits you can use as a start up to start your own home business selling photo jewelry!

How To Start Your Own Home Business Selling Photo Jewelry

Are you the creative type? Do you like to make crafts and give them to your friends? Does everyone say your crafts are great and that you should sell them? Then maybe you should consider photo jewelry making! Making photo jewelry is not only fun, it is really very easy to do and can bring nice profits. It just takes a little creativity and a little skill. After some practice you could even start your own photo jewelry making business!

Photo Jewelry is a very unique and special type of jewelry. People often give it as personal gifts to the people that they love and share the photo memories featured in the jewelry's photos with so you will have a very large potential customer base. You can put almost any picture you like on photo jewelry and you should make up some pieces made ahead of time with generic type photos of pets, far away places ,pretty flowers etc to sell and have on hand. These will be sold to your impulse buyers and may bring future custom orders too.
Pretty much any one who has photos may be interested purchasing photo jewelry.

When you first start out making photo jewelry you will probably want to try a simple design until you get the hang of it, maybe just a few plain frames, easy jewelry resizer software and clear coating just to experiment - but after a while you should let your creativity take over and design your own custom jewelry styles. After you have made a few unique jewelry pieces, you should show them to your friends, co-workers and family members and anyone who will listen. Ask for their honest opinions and listen to what they say to improve on your skills. You might be surprised at how many of these people want you to make pieces of custom photo jewelry for them!

At this point you many want to try some other outlets for your custom made jewelry. Craft shows are always popular, especially the larger shows held around Christmas and other major holidays. Attendance is usually high during these holiday shows and people are looking for special gift ideas. Be sure to display some samples of your custom jewelry attractively on a black or red velvet background board and have some sort of lighting to make it shine and glitter to attract your customers eye. Photo jewelry is so unique that you will probably have no trouble at all attracting visitors to your craft booth but presentation is very important and you want to make the best possible impression on your potential customers.
Let them pick up your sample photo jewelry items, hold them in their hand, try them on and be able to examine them easily. You should try to have several different styles and examples available
for people to look at. Pendants, bracelets, and rings are all good sellers. Also bring along the photos that the items were created from! This can make a huge impression! Everyone will be amazed that you put the photos on such beautiful to wear jewelry!

Greet your customer when they walk up to your display but don't be pushy. At first just sit back and let them look at your items and let them ask the questions without volunteering any information. Being too anxious to close the sale can cause the customer to feel uncomfortable and leave without buying. Print out some business cards on your computer and be sure to have a stack of them sitting where they can easily be accessed by potential customers. Brochures printed from your computer are important too and can feature your items and the prices that you charge for your custom orders. If it is your first craft show you may want to keep your prices low to drum up some initial business. Photo jewelry is an item that can bring many repeat orders over time and you want to get your merchandise out in the public where as many people as possible can see it. If you want to do custom made jewelry orders be sure to say so on the cards.
If things go well you should at least make a few sales of your pre-made photo jewelry that you took to the show and also gain some customers from your business cards later on.

You will definitely want to have a simple website set up selling your items. Be sure to include your web url on your business cards and brochures.
There are many places you can sell jewelry crafts but the best is Ebay is another possibility as well as There are also numerous online craft malls available too. Don't forget You will be amazed how many of your fellow crafters are selling on there every day!

After your craft show you may want to try a consignment store to sell your custom made jewelry.
I would recommend a nice quality women's clothing consignment store for your first attempt.
Take several of your best selling pre-made items in and approach the owner and offer to leave them on consignment. Many consignment stores have a contract for you to sign and will state exactly what percentage of the sale they will take. Try to negotiate some space on the counter where customers check out to display your custom jewelry items. It is the very best place in the whole store to place items that people may impulsively want to purchase and is one of the highest exposure areas. Give the consignment store owner some business cards with a special code on them that they can offer to people who want personalized custom made jewelry. That way if the customer orders you will know who sent them and can give the store owner their fee. This will encourage them to promote your jewelry more aggressively if they see they are actually making some money from it. If you are successful in this first consignment store then you will have more confidence to approach other small stores to sell your items.

Another great place to sell your wares could be your local high end beauty, nail or tanning salon. People who frequent these places have money to spend on themselves and might like to treat themselves to some of your beautiful jewelry.

Email your local newspaper fashion editor and suggest that they might want to do a feature on custom made jewelry. They are usually eager to explore new possibilities for a story idea and might be willing to do a feature on your business. Place yourself where ever you can get some exposure for your business. Donate a few items to a local fund raiser. Present your child's teachers with class photo jewelry gifts. Wear your custom made jewelry where ever you go and take business cards with you because you are sure to get comments from potential customers!

You can get all of the supplies that you need for making your own custom designed photo jewelry wholesale through This is a site that sells photo jewelry making supplies in bulk so you will always get the very best prices and see the latest trends of photo jewelry.

Soon you may find yourself well known all around town for your
custom made jewelry and be busier making it than you ever
dreamed possible!