How To Make Photo Charms

Photo charms make a nice accessory added to any charm bracelet or necklace. This way you can take your special memories with you when you are away from your loved ones. Making photo charms is a fun and easy craft with the correct photo charm supplies.

You will need a few things to get started making your charms: You can either select a complete start to finish photo charm making kit from our store or you can purchase individual supplies such as blank photo charms, photo pendants, photo bracelet blanks, brooches for photos or photo rings and more. You have the choice of several different styles of necklaces, chains or bracelets to attach your photo charms to.

If you choose the individual photo charm making supplies then you will need a starter kit. These come in several sizes. The very best value is to buy the Photo Jewelry Making Supplies kit. This kit gives you everything you need to get started and at a substantial discount.

Our EZ Photo Resizer software will work on Windows or Macintosh computers and will assist you in resizing and cropping your photos for a perfect fit in your photo charms. This software is specially designed for photo jewelry making and is a exclusive item.

Once you have assembled your photo jewelry supplies you can begin. First select the photo you would like in your charm. Add the photo to the EZ Resizer program and crop to the view you would like for your photo charm. Pick the shape of your photo charm: square, circle, oval or rectangle and save the photo as instructed. After you are done selecting and resizing your photos then you can print them out.

After you have the photos printed and cut out you are ready to make your photo charms. Using seal-itz attach the charm to the photo charm frame. If using glass seal your photo to the glass with a seal-itz. Attach the photo charm to your necklace or bracelet and you are ready to wear it! See our individual tutorials for more photo jewelry making instructions.