Glass Photo Jewelry Tutorial

How Do I Make Glass Photo Jewelry?

Making glass photo jewelry is fun and easy! In glass projects, you will be using the clear coating as a glue.

1. Resize your photos to the correct size with the EZ resizer software. You can find the size for your item on your invoice or the website next to the item number. Refer to the EZ Resizer section of your clear coating instructions if you are having trouble resizing and/or printing.

2. Print the photos out and glue them down to the item you are making with a small amount of super glue.

3. Mix the clear coating and activator (read clear coat instructions thoroughly for best results - Use a 1:1 mixture). When it has been mixed, apply a thin layer to the photo. Make sure you do not have too much clear coat on the photo or it will overflow when you apply the glass piece. If you are using an item with a bail that will cause it to sit uneven, you will need to set it on a raised surface such as a notebook or ceramic tile with the bail over the edge to keep the surface level before applying the clear coat.

4. Gently set the glass piece onto the wet clear coating. The back side of the glass is slightly textured. This is to help the glass adhere. All texture will disappear after the clear coat has dried.

5. Wait for the clear coating to dry (24-48 hours) and your glass photo jewelry is ready to wear!



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