Glass Photo Jewelry Making Tutorial

Making glass photo jewelry is fun and easy!

1. Resize your photos to the correct size with the EZ resizer software. The size you need should be listed on your invoice. Refer to the EZ Resizer section of your clear coating instructions if you are having trouble resizing and/or printing.

2. Cut out your photos.

3. Mix the clear coating and activator (read clear coat instructions thoroughly for best results - Use a 1:1 mixture). When it has been mixed, apply a very thin layer (you will only need a few small drops of coating) to the textured side of the glass (the flat side if you are using beveled glass.) Gently set the photo onto the glass with the picture side face down. Do not use too thick of a layer or press on the photo hard, or the clear coating will leak out the sides. For best results, let dry for 24-48 hours.

Bracelet: If you are making a bracelet, plan out the bracelet before you make anything permanent. NOTE: Make sure your images are not upside down! Depending on which bracelet kit you purchased, each glass piece will take up one or two pads on the form bracelet (two pads layout displayed below). Lay out the glass pieces first to make sure you have spaced them evenly. Apply two spots of super glue to the back of the glass pieces where the form bracelet pads will go if you are using the two pad form bracelet, one if you are using a one pad bracelet. Do one frame at a time and press firmly from the back. Continue doing this until all frames are adhered. Another option for a more durable hold is to mix a little more clear coating and use it in place of glue. If you use the clear coating instead of the super glue, remember that you will have to wait another 24-48 hours for it to dry.