EZ Silhouette Maker Software Instructions

EZ Silhouette Maker Software Instructions

1. Add Photo
Click the "Add Photo" button from the upper left hand side of the crop box, and select from your computer the photo you wish to work with.

2. Silhouette Cropper
Click the "Silhouette Cropper" button. The button will highlight green around the edges when the cropper is turned on. Start clicking around the outer edge of the photo to make your selection for the silhouette. Select the area that you wish to turn into a silhouette, not the background of the picture. NOTE: For best results when cropping out your image, use the "Zoom" buttons at the bottom left hand side of the window to zoom in. When you zoom in, you can see the outline of the image more clearly which ensures a more smooth/accurate silhouette edge with no jagged edges.

3. Crop
Once you have went all the way around your selection, the white line will begin to blink when the ends have connected. Click the "Cut Silhouette Foreground" button to cut out the piece that you will turn into a silhouette. If you wish to turn the background into a silhouette (leaving the center selected area empty), you can select "Cut Silhouette Background" instead.

*Note: If while making your selection you make a mistake, you can move your cursor over to the "Undo Last" button to remove the last click.

4. Fill With Color
After cropping your silhouette selection, click "Fill with Color" if you wish to make your silhouette a solid color, or "Fill with Image" if you wish to fill the silhouette area with an image. The image will default to it's original size and fill the area. (1:1).

Tile Image You can also select "Tile Image", which will create a repeating pattern of your image within the cut out silhouette area. You can change the number and size of the photo tiles by clicking the + and - buttons under "Image Zoom".

Stretch Image Selecting "stretch image" will stretch your image to fit the shape of the silhouette.

5.Canvas Window
After you have made your silhouette a color or filled it with an image, click "Add to Clipboard" to move it to the Canvas window. This will allow you to drag it from the clipboard (see squares down the right hand side of the canvas window) into the blank canvas area. After you add the silhouette to the canvas, you can either save the silhouette image onto a white background as it is, or add a background (solid color or image).

To Set A Background Image: Click the "Set Background Image" button. Select from your computer the image you wish to use as your background.

Background Positions: Fill
"Fill" allows you to stretch the image to fit the background constraints as large as you want it to. Stretch
"Stretch" will stretch the image to fit to the constraints of the background. Tile
"Tile" will tile the image as many times as you want in the constraints of the background. When you select "Tile" you can increase or decrease the amount of tiles with the bars under the dropdown.

To Set A Background Color:
If you do not wish to insert a background image, you can choose a solid color background instead. Just click the "Set Background Color" button and select the color you would like the background to be. Click "ok" from the background color window to confirm the color.

Creating a collage / Inserting an image over the background

After you have selected the background you wish to use, you can drag images from the Clipboard over to the canvas area with the background. To add more images to your clipboard, just repeat the initial process.

Effects: You can also further transform your image with these effects. Open the EZ Effects box by selecting "Effects" at the bottom of the canvas window.

Drop Shadow
The drop shadow feature will allow you to put a shadow around your selection from the clipboard. You can change the size and intensity of the shadow with the slider bars across the top of the window. You can change the color of the drop shadow with the color selector box below the drop shadow option.

Black and White/Antique
Check either of these boxes to make your image black and white or antique (sepia) toned. *Note - Your drop shadow color cannot be changed if one of these is selected.