EZ Photo Sticker Maker

EZ Photo Sticker Software

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EZ Photo Sticker Software - Mac and Windows version

1. Load the program into the CD drive on your computer. Follow the prompts to install the program. If you are not prompted to install the file, go to the Explore window (Windows) or Finder window (Mac) and locate the CD drive to access the software.

 2. Once the program is open, click "Load Sticker Template".

 3. Select the correct template from the folder. Your template number should be on your invoice as well as the sticker packs.

 4. Select “Add and crop image + Text”. Select the image from your computer. The image will open into EZ-Crop mode. Click “Select area to crop”. Click and drag your mouse to select the desired area.

 5. Pay special attention to the area between the dashed line and the solid line (the "bleed area") as anything in this area may be cropped out of your final image due to shifting during printing.

6. When you are done selecting the area you wish to crop, select “Crop selected area”. If you wish, you can save a copy of the single image you have cropped by checking the "save the cropped image on the computer" box at the bottom right hand side of the window.

a. You may also add text at this time by clicking "Add text". Select your desired font and font size. You can move the text by clicking and dragging it to anywhere on the visible image. You can also add symbols from the dropdown next to the text box. To add another section of text, click "Add more text" in the bottom left hand corner. Clicking undo will remove the last text you have completed and not the current one you are editing. To rotate/angle your text, click "Click and drag to rotate" and then drag your text until it is in your desired position.

b. At this time you may also change your photo to black and white or antique color. Just click "Black and White" or "Antique" on the right hand side of the program. To undo the color change, just click "undo"

After you have added all desired options to your image, click "Add Image To Program".

You can also create a text only image (no photo) by clicking "Color + Text Only" from the main screen. You can choose from a plain background (To change color click "set color" next to 'Color 1') or you can have a transitional gradient background (fade from one color to another). For gradient, click the "Choose background style" dropdown and select "Gradient". After you select gradient a "Color 2" box will appear. You can choose the colors you wish to fade into eachother for your background, and also the direction the fade will go with the dropdown below the color buttons. To add the text, follow the previous directions for adding text to an image. You can save a separate copy of the single image you have created in jpeg format by checking the "save the cropped image on the computer" box at the bottom right hand side of the add text window.

5. After you have inserted your cropped photos and selected the size, click "Finish – Create file for printing”.

6. A PDF file will open with your resized images. Print this file onto the adhesive sheet.