EZ Photo Colorizer Software Instructions

EZ Photo Colorizer Instructions

Click "Open Image" on the top left hand side of the program. Select your photo from the desired location on your computer.

Colorize Button:
If your photo is black and white/you wish to use the colorizer tool to add color, click "Colorize" and then select your desired color by clicking the "Select Color" button next to the color swatch (color swatch will default to black).

Original Color Button:
If you have a color image and wish to leave only one part of it colorized (for example to make a background black and white and leave a person in the photo in color), make your image black and white by clicking either the "Grayscale" filter or the "Darkness" filter. Click the "Original Color" button to turn the brush into an eraser brush that turns the areas you are coloring into the colors of the original photo that you uploaded. You can also use this feature with the other filters in creative ways.

Brush Button:
The brush tool is a free form paint brush that can be used to draw freehand colors onto the image. It is more of a solid brush than the opaque colorizer tool.

Brightness and Contast Button:
Use the sliding bars to brighten and turn up the contrast on your image.

The eraser button will remove any brushed or colorized areas that you have made on the image. Tip: Zoom into the image and use the eraser to clean up any uneven or rough edges.

Click the drag button to pan the image by clicking and dragging the photo. You can also use the arrows and slider bars on the right hand side and bottom of the window to navigate around the image.

Note: If you cannot use the colorizer, make sure to check that "Drag" is not selected as the brush will not work while you are dragging.

Use "zoom" to zoom into your image to view greater detail for more accurate colorizing. Zoom out when you are done to see your work.

Grayscale: Turns your image black and white.
Sepia: Turns the image an antiqued yellow/sepia color.
Colorize: Adds a colored layer of your choice over the entire image.
3D Effect: Transforms your image into a 3D image for use with 3D glasses
Purple: Adds a purple effect to your image.
Impact: Turns up the contrast of your image for a striking and bold effect.
Hot: Adds a vintage yellow filter to your image.
Darkness: Creates a black and white image with more contrast than the "Grayscale" filter.
Sundown: Adds a yellowed evening look to images.
Exposed Film: Lightens image to look like overexposed film
Burnt Corners: Gives the effect of a heated red-ish image
Extreme Contrast: Darkens and adds contrast to image
Deep Blue: Adds a blueish hue with an outerspace look
Old Paper: Gives the effect of an old antique flyer
Old Flyer: Adds a bold contrasted antique hue. Looks similar to an old fashioned letter press poster.
Color Boost: Makes the colors in the image more vivid
Vignette: Darkens corners to create the look of dramatic lighting
Downtone: Softens the colors in the image to make them less vivid and create a vintage image look
Dust: Adds speckles to image for a distressed look
Flares: Adds solar flare effect to image

To go back to the original image without a filter, click "Remove Filter".