Clear Coating Drying Tips

If you are going to be making a lot of photo jewelry or resin type jewelry with your own business you might want to invest around $15 in a couple of items that can help you be more efficient and productive so that you can fill your orders faster!

The first item is a product like Damprid. Its a small,plastic container of crystals that absorb moisture. The second item is a large, flat see thru or translucent plastic rubbermaid type container with a snap on plastic lid. These are usually used for storage boxes. Make sure the plastic rubbermaid container can close completely with the damprid container INSIDE.

A couple of ceramic tiles are handy also. You can pick these items up at your local home improvement type store. Set up your plastic container on a level, out of the way area so it won’t get bumped. Place the damprid or similar type product inside with the lid off in one corner of the box. Then shut the lid.

Now you are all set. Make your photo jewelry and place it on the ceramic tile and place it in the plastic box and snap on the lid. It should dry much faster this way because the damprid with absorb the extra humidity in the air.

This allows you to be more productive and so you can make more money!