Bubble Sticker Magic Instructions

Bubble Sticker Magic Instructions

EZ Resizer Software

  1. Load the program into the CD drive on your computer. Follow the instructions to install the program.
  2. Once the program is open, select “Square” as your shape and enter 23 as your size. Enter 3 x 3 in the rows/columns boxes. You will also need to choose your paper size at this time (bottom left hand corner). BONUS: The EZ Resizer with EZ Crop software ™ can resize to any custom size or shape to be used in other craft/scrapbooking projects.
  3. Select “Add and crop image”. Select the image from your computer. The image will open into EZ-Crop mode. Click “Select area to crop”. Click and drag your mouse to select the desired area. You will need to crop the photo into a square. The “desired ratio” feature in the bottom right hand corner should help you crop your image to the correct dimensions. Just drag the crop tool until the actual ratio matches the “desired ratio” If you do not crop the image correctly, you may experience some stretching or distortion when your file is generated. At this time, you may also choose to save a copy of the cropped image to your computer using the check box in the bottom right hand corner. When you are done selecting the area you wish to crop, select “Crop selected area” and then “Add image to program”.
  4. After you have inserted your cropped photos and selected the size, click "Finish – Create file for printing”.
  5. A PDF file will open with your resized images. Follow the instructions below for printing your images onto the included sticker sheet.

Printing your images

  1. Choose 4x6 as your printer’s paper setting on the EZ Resizer
  2. Insert, crop, and resizer photos according to EZ Resizer
  3. After you have inserted your images, select “Finish – Create file for printing”
  4. After the PDF file with your images opens, go into the Printer Properties menu (File > Print > Properties). Make sure your paper type is set to plain. Click the “Page Setup” tab and set your paper size to 4x6.
  5. Print file from the Adobe Reader.
  6. Set aside paper for several minutes until ink is dry.
  7. Follow instructions for creating Photo Stickers

Making Photo Stickers

  1. Remove one of the Bubble Sticker Covers from the included sheet. The back is adhesive so be careful to keep the adhesive surface clean.
  2. Carefully place the Bubble Sticker Cover over one of the printed photos. Continue this process until all of your printed images are covered.
  3. Using a sharp pair of scissors, carefully cut around the covered images, being cautious not to cut into the Bubble Cover. You can trim the edges for a more professional look when you are done cutting out all of the stickers.
  4. Remove the backing from the sticker paper to put your Bubble Stickers on your desired surface (Greeting cards, scrapbooking projects, gift tags, paper crafts, and more!)

If you have any questions regarding Bubble Sticker Magic, please contact us at PhotoJewelry@gmail.com