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How do I punch out photos for my jewelry?

How do I cut out my photos?  Make it easy with our most popular 25mm punch

(25mm is aprox 1 inch) Use for our 25mm pendants and bottle caps.

Punch here!

Photo Jewelry Supply Pack

Already have photo jewelry supplies and software?

You can buy supplies packs! 

Supply packs are kind of like a refill pack. They include just the jewelry (typically pendants, glass or Krystal Clear-Itz, and chains). You can then use Seal-Itz strips and software that you already have without buying a kit.

How Do I Make a Photo Ring?

How Do I Make a Photo Ring?

You can easily make a photo ring out of our free vintage flower images, your own image, or any image from the internet! Follow these easy steps:

1. Put your images into our EZ Photo Resizer Software and enter the size.

2. Print out your photos. Apply the Seal-Itz strip using the glass jewelry making instructions.

3. Seal glass covered photo into ring using another Seal-Itz strip. Your ring is done!



Free Seed Catalog Cover Pansies Vintage

Free Seed Catalog Pansies Flower Cover Vintage 

Did you know that any image from the internet can easily be saved and resized?  See our quick and easy tutorial below.
Resize any image with our EZ Photo Jewelry Resizer Software!

EZ Photo Jewelry Software Bundle - Get All Three!

Do you love photo crafts?

Check out our assortment of photo craft softwares! Get all three of our best selling photo softwares in this specially priced bundle.

What comes in the bundle?

EZ Photo Resizer Software - Easy resize your photos to the exact size for making photo jewelry, as well as other projects (think scrapbooking, photo frames, decoupage, and more!)

Photo Scissor Genie Software - Remove backgrounds from images! Great for removing objects from images, remove backgrounds from product images to create professional images for your small business or website, make digital collages, and more!

EZ Photo Colorizer Software - Bring new life to old photos with our EZ Photo Colorizer Software! Color brushes allow you to colorize black and white photos, add vibrancy to dull images, liven up with cool filters, and more!

Click here to get the specially priced bundle!



Free Vintage Black and White Palm Reading Hand Chart Image For Making Photo Jewelry!

Here's another free vintage image to inspire your photo jewelry projects! This cool vintage palmistry chart image makes a striking one of a kind necklace! Put it in our 2" glass rectangle pendant, or any other pendant of your choice!


Right click to save the free image below!


Did you know that any image from the internet can easily be saved and resized? This makes for endless possibilities with photo jewelry! See our quick and easy tutorial below.

DIY Photo Jewelry Mothers Day Gift! Personalize Mom's Gift!

Personalize your Mothers Day gift with our easy DIY photo jewelry kits! Our 'Mom's Memories" photo stretch bracelet is one of our most popular Mother's Day gifts. Add mom's favorite photos and use our software to with our EZ Photo Resizer to print them at the exact size for the bracelet!

Did you know that any image from the internet can easily be saved and resized? You could quickly gather the photos for Mom's bracelet by saving them from her or your family members' social media pages. See our quick and easy tutorial below!

Resize any image with our EZ Photo Jewelry Resizer Software!

Free Spring Flower Image For Photo Jewelry Making

Here's another free spring graphic to inspire your photo jewelry making projects! Just right click the image to save to your computer!

Many different possible crops!

How Do I Make Resin Photo Jewelry?

How do you make resin photo jewelry?  Traditional resin jewelry made with a liquid sealant can be difficult and messy, take forever to dry, and often times doesn't even set up correctly, leaving you with a tacky finish and ruined product. This isn't the case with our professional and easy peel and stick method! We carry pre-made epoxy domes that you just peel and stick over your photo! There is no mess, and consistent results! Making photo jewelry is easy and fun! 

Resin photo jewelry

How To Make a Custom Wedding Bouquet Photo Charm

Our do-it-yourself wedding jewelry makes it possible to bring your missed love one down the aisle with you on your special day. Take a look at the photo above to see how easy it is to make a custom wedding bouquet charm! You can print all the same picture like shown in the photo, or print many different photos at once! (Think gifts for all your bridesmaids, groomsmen, mother and father of the bride & groom, and more!) It's so easy (and saves you money!) to make DIY wedding jewelry.

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