How Do Seal-Itz Strips Work?

How do Seal-Itz double sided adhesive strips work?

Our double sided adhesive Seal-Itz make glass photo jewelry making quick and easy! 

1. Sealing glass to photo

a. Cut out a piece of Seal-itz strip the approximate size of the glass you will be using. Peel away one side of the backing.

b. Place the glass piece onto the exposed adhesive and cut out around the glass.

c. Smooth out any bubbles. Remove the remaining backing from the glass.

d. Place the glass adhesive side down onto your printed photo. Closely cut the photo paper and adhesive from around the glass piece.

2. Sealing glass covered photo into frame

a. Cut out another piece of Seal-Itz strip approximately the same size as the
covered photo. Remove one side of the backing.

b. Place the covered photo onto the exposed adhesive and press firmly. Closely cut the adhesive around the photo.

c. Remove the remaining backing, and press the covered photo adhesive side down into the frame. You may also use your own craft glue for this step if you wish.

*You can also use these for sealing Krystal Clear-itz (self adhesive clear covers) covered photos into their frames*

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