Magnifying Photo Bubble Dot Bracelet Kit


$ 19.99 

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Item: BDB1 size 68 11.2mm
Easy to make magnifying bubble dot photo bracelet kit. Includes everything you need to make a complete bubble dot photo bracelet including:

- Silver bracelet blank with space for six of your favorite photos. Has snap closure. Circle area is approx 15mm for each link. Bracelet length is 7.5 in.

- EZ resizer software (a 19.99 value!) for making your photos the perfect, round size

- 6 domed magnifying bubble dots for placing over your photos

- Clear coating (to be used as a glue with this particular kit. Just put a thin layer over your photo and set the bubble dot into place. Make sure to get a little around the edges to hold it securely in place. It will cure hard and your bubble dots will be attached permanently)

- Mixing cups and stirring sticks

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