Jumbo 40x30 Instant Oval Glass Dome Stretch Photo Jewelry Bracelet Kit Black


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Item: XLglassoval-black 40 x 30 mm
Instant and easy to make jewelry with this glass domed stretch photo bracelet kit.
Includes everything you need to make a complete jumbo statement photo bracelet:

- Black bracelet blank with space for 6 of your favorite photos. Bracelet stretches to fit over your wrist and is made of lightweight acrylic.

- EZ resizer software (a 19.99 value!) for making your photos the perfect size

- 6 glass photo domes (approx 40mm x 30mm) for placing over your photos

- Photo paper

- Easy Seal-Itz strips for attaching your photos to the glass.

Super easy to make! A photojewelrymaking.com exclusive item.

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