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Our unique EZ Cropper with EZ Photo Re-sizer software makes scrapbooking easy!

The software has a custom size feature for your favorite scrap booking projects whether they are traditional scrapbooks or a digital scrapbook. EZ cropper can be used for unique digiscrap projects. Print small photos to fit into intricate scrapbooking designs, inside paper cut outs or frames, and more! Makes all your scrapbook cropping fun and easy without having to use cumbersome scrapbook templates! Even makes circles, squares, rectangles and ovals! Perfect for all scrapbook crops!

Use EZ Cropper Program with EZ Photo Resizer for Scrapbooking designs, inside paper cut outs or frames, and more! Make your images the exact size and shape of your punches!

Program is compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME,Windows XP, Windows Vista,Windows 7,8,10.
We also have a version for Mac!
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