Deep Purple European Photo Beads Bracelet w/ 3 Photo Beads Kit


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Item: EURO4PU 8.7mm-CM- 8mm-CM-
Includes everything you need to make a complete bracelet! European photo bead bracelet kit is the perfect gift for your mom, sister, aunt or best friend!


- Three silver plated photo beads: two round double sided photo beads(holds 2 photos each),one square 4 sided bead (holds 4 photos).

- Instant Krystal Clear-Itz photo covers for all included beads to seal in your photo and complete your bracelet instantly!

- 8 inch silver photo bracelet with lobster clasp and extender chain

- EZ Photo Resizer Software for Windows or Mac for easily resizing your photos to the perfect bead size

- Photo Paper

-Purple beads and spacers as shown

. aac

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