Photo Slide Charm Bracelet Fundraiser Kit - Makes 20 Complete Bracelets! Black Glitter Leatherette


$ 47.49 

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Item: SLIDE-BLK-20 - 10.1mm Photo Area
This complete kit includes:
  • 20 black leatherette sparkle slide bracelets with watchband type closure
  • 20 USA made sterling silver plated pewter slide charms. Each charm has a 10 mm photo area.
  • All necessary adhesives (Including clear adhesive Krystal Clear-Itz Photo covers perfectly fitted to slide charms, and strong double sided adhesive Seal-itz strips for easily and securely sealing the photo into the frame
  • EZ Photo Resizer Software for easily resizing your photos to the exact size for slide bracelets, as well as all of our other products and your own custom projects!
  • Photo paper
Quit selling cookies! Our popular slide bracelet photo charms are the perfect way to make big bucks for your organization!

Imagine that you are doing a fundraiser for a youth baseball team. It's so easy to sell bracelets to all of the supportive baseball parents! There are built in customers that are waiting to support the cause! You can start by making them a custom charm with their favorite player's photo, and raise even more money by up selling additional custom charms with the team logo, their child's player number, the teams home playing field, and other creative ideas. You can use this easy method to raise for football teams, cheerleading squads, dance groups, hockey teams, girl and boy scout troops, church mission trips, charity walks, a cause you care about (no more spaghetti dinners!), and practically anything else imaginable!

These bracelets sell themselves because they are so unique. Everyone has seen and grown tired of fundraiser cookies, candy, t- shirts, and candles, but they have not seen these custom photo slide bracelets yet! They are so quick and easy to make. You will wonder why you didn't do this sooner, and even consider starting your own side business making and selling photo jewelry!

Most traditional fundraisers have a small margin for profit, and if you are selling through a fundraiser company, you have to give them a cut of your sales. That means even less money goes towards your cause! With these custom bracelets, you can make a pure profit of $7.50 or more per bracelet, plus much more when you sell additional charms (which everyone will want, of course!).

So stop selling cookies, candy bars, and candles that collect dust, and start making a real difference today!

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