EZ Resizer App Help

EZ Photo Resizer Web Browser Version Instructions

1. Click the "Start" button. Select the paper size that you will be printing on (4x6 or 8x11 photo paper or printer paper).

2. Select the shape of your item (circle, oval, square, or rectangle).

3.Enter the size the photo area in millimeters. Reference the listing page that you purchased from to find the precise photo area size for your item. Click next.

4. Click the "Add Image" button. This will allow you to select the desired image from your computer. Click "open" to load the image into the program.

5. If your image appears sideways, click "rotate image" to correct it. Click and drag the white circles to re-position the crop area. When it is positioned correctly, click the green "crop image" button in the bottom right corner.

6. Color & Text Options
On this page, you will have the option to make your photo black and white, antique/sepia color, or add text. Click buttons to apply these options. Use red "Undo" button at top of page to undo them.

7. Click "Done Add to Page" to add your image to the page to be printed. To add more copies of the same image, use the "duplicate", "fill row", and "fill page" buttons on the upper right corner. If you need to add other images, click "Add next image" and repeat the process until all images are added.

8. When you have added as many images as you would like, click "Print page". This will open a PDF file of your images. You can either "open with" or "save" the file to your computer.

9. Go to File>Print in your PDF reader toolbar. Make sure that you select the same size paper as you originally selected on the resizer. Make sure that you do not have any options such as "fit to page", "stretch to fit", etc selected on your printer settings as this may cause the images to print at the incorrect size. If you are having problems with this, also make sure that the PDF is set to print at 100%.

Questions? Please e-mail us at info@photojewelrymaking.com.

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