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Photo Scissor Genie Software!

Have a photo that you love but hate the background? Now you can change the background to anything you want! Is there a picture of yourself that you love but you don't love whos in the photo with you? Remove yourself and create a new photo! Have an online store and want professional "floating images" for your products or banners? This software can do that for you plus more!

-Update old photos and insert new or colored backgrounds

-Remove old ex's from your photo's

-Make a photo college out of multiple images

-Great for removing background for products you are selling online

-Remove the background from any image

-Insert Image into any background

-Use clipboard and insert multiple images into the same background

-Create any size image needed with custom size option

-Add shadows to images - also change to Black and white and antique

Program is compatible with Apple Macintosh computers Mac OS versions 10.5 and newer.

This listing is for a download only. You will not receive a copy in the mail, but instead a link to download the program.

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