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This program utilizes our new easy software style. All buttons and options are visible and easily accessible to the user. No need to be frustrated with pull down menus, confusing icons, or search features! Everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Have a photo that you love but hate the background? Now you can change the background to anything you want! Is there a picture of yourself that you love but you don't love whos in the photo with you? Remove yourself and create a new photo! Have an online store and want professional "floating images" for your products or banners? This software can do that for you plus more!

- Update old photos and insert new or colored backgrounds

- Remove undesired people from group photos

- Make a photo college out of multiple images

- Great for removing background for products you are selling online

- Remove the background from any image

- Insert Image into any background

- Use clipboard and insert multiple images into the same background

- Create any size image needed with custom size option

- Add shadows to images - also change to black and white and antique

- Add Text

Program is compatible with all current versions of the Windows operating system.. Mac and apple computers version available Click here

This listing is for a download only. You will not receive a copy in the mail, but instead a link to download the program.

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