Silver Plated Charm Bracelet Set w/ 3 Easy Change Silver Photo Charms


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Item: p21set 13mm
Silver charm bracelet with 3 17x17mm (about 3/4 inch) easy-change photo charms.The charms are double sided and hold two photos each. Each charm has a photo area of 13mm x 13mm and a space on the top for sliding in your photos (one for each side). Includes clear protective sheet to protect your photos inside the charm.

Includes all bracelet components to make a complete bracelet .Just use your own regular printer paper to print your photos on. Bracelet fits most sizes from 7 .5 and up and can be trimmed if desired. You can change your photos whenever you like!

Includes silver plated bracelet, 3 double sided EZ Change Photo Charms.

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