30 Pack Copper Variety Photo Jewelry Pendant Home Business Kit


$ 69.99 

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Item: 30CKIT- 25x35mm Rectangle, 30mm Beaded Circle, 25mm Circle
Makes 30 assorted copper photo pendants with link chains! Includes:
    • 10 30mm beaded round copper pendant trays with matching glass covers

    • 10 25mm copper round pendant trays with matching glass covers

    • 10 25x35mm copper rectangle pendant trays with matching glass

    • 30 copper link chains 24 inches long each

    • Durable professional Seal-Itz adhesive strips for easily sealing the covered photo into the frame.

    • EZ Photo Resizer Software online access for quickly and easily resizing photos to the exact photo pendant size, as well as all of our other products. Use custom size feature for your other crafting projects! Software is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems, tablets and phones.

    • Use your own regular printer paper or photo paper

Make one to wear and show your friends and the rest to sell! A perfect kit for craft shows!

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