Makes 30 Instant Photo Jewelry Pendant Necklace Starter Kit


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Item: kc30 25mm

Looking for a way to try out photo jewelry making? You can create 30 of your own Photo Jewelry picture necklaces instantly with this complete kit.


-30 square shallow frame pendants size 1 inch or 25mm photo area

-30 Ball chain necklaces each around 24 inches in length

-EZ Resizer software to easily resize your photos to fit your pendants

-30 glass covers

-Seal-itz strips for completing your pendants

Just resize and print your photo, add photo to glass,seal into frame, attach chain and your photo necklace is ready to wear! WOW!

Perfect and easy gift for Mom, Grandma, your sister or your friend or make them to sell. Comes in antique silver or shiny silver depending on availability.

Photo Jewelry

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