What Should I Make And Sell At Holiday Craft Shows?

Holiday craft shows have arrived! Here are some ideas to jump start your busy holiday selling season!
We have a wide assortment of different photo jewelry variety packs available! Each one has several different styles so you can get a feel for our products, and try out different styles to see what your customers love! 
European beads are so popular! We carry complete bracelets in a variety of colors. The kit shown above makes two of each bracelet, so you can get a few different styles to start out with. We also sell beads separately. Some of your clientele may already have their own bead bracelets, so selling the beads individually will allow you to offer a lower priced item that compliments the bracelet they already have, which translates to more impulse sales and cash for you!
Our floating photo locket is the ultimate holiday gift! These are perfect for craft shows. The kit shown above includes twenty lockets and two hundred floating locket charms! Imagine your show table with two hundred charms for sale, and how fast your profits could add up!

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