Wondering How To Make Your Own European Photo Beads? Watch This Video To Find Out!

Make Your Own European Photo Beads from Photo Jewelry on Vimeo.

Have you seen European bead bracelets? These bracelets are a fun and attractive way to showcase your personality with jewelry!

European beads come in a variety of different colors and shapes to allow you to tell your own story with the beads that represent you and your journey. We offer these exclusive customizable photo beads, and the possibilities for them are truly endless.

Why not make your own beads that are as unique as you are? You can add family photos, initials, vacation photos, and anything else that you can imagine! Our custom photo beads are compatible with all major brands of European bead bracelets, so you don't need to worry about whether or not they will fit onto the bracelet you already have.

Don't have a bracelet? We sell our own European bead bracelets as well, and they are a great quality at a great price!

The best part about these custom beads might be that you can assemble them in just a few short minutes! Here's how:

1. Resize your photo with the included EZ Photo Resizer Software. We have both a downloadable desktop version, and a brand new web version that you can use in your browser, or on your tablet or phone. Your purchase includes full access to both of these versions!

2. Peel a Krystal Clear-Itz cover from the sheet, and place it over the printed photo you wish to use. Cut out around the covered photo.

3. Cut out a small piece of Seal-Itz strip approximately the same size as your cut out photo, and peel back one side to reveal the adhesive. Place your photo onto the exposed adhesive, and cut out around the photo again. You are essentially turning your photo into a super strong sticker to place onto your bead.

4. Peel the backing to reveal the second adhesive, and push the photo down firmly into the bead frame. Repeat for all sides, and your customized photo bead is complete!

Ready to get started?
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